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Saturday, October 14, 2017 - 10:00 a.m. to 11:00 PM
Sunday,  October 15, 2017 - Noon to 6:00 p.m.
Sponsored by: Katy Area Chamber of Commerce
23501 Cinco Ranch Blvd., Suite B206
Katy, Texas 77494
281-391-5289 (Phone)   281-391-7423 (Fax)
Location: Historic Downtown Katy – Avenues B and C, 2nd and 3rd Streets

$ 125 per Booth for Handmade Crafts (Verification Required)
$ 225 per Booth for Home Based Business Vendors
$ 425 per Booth for Commercial Vendors***
$ 525 per Booth for Food Vendors Plus $ 100 Security Deposit


***Commercial vendors are vendors who operate a business at a
location outside of their home

RHF 2017 Vendor Package








 *Note – All businesses/organizations to be included in a Vendor
Booth Must be Disclosed in the Application. Failure to disclose
the businesses/
organizations will subject the business to removal from the  Vendor Booth by the 2017 Katy Rice Harvest Festival Committee.



 *Note – Please list arts, crafts and materials to be sold, distributed,
displayed, or given away. Please be specific and thorough. Only listed
items will be allowed.
In the event of any dispute regarding the sale of
any item, the decision of the Rice Harvest Festival Committee shall be
final and the Vendor accepts this condition by his/her signature below.
Vendor further acknowledges that any violation of this agreement may
result in the Vendor’s booth being closed. 

Non-Food vendors are not allowed to give, sell, cook, or display any type of
food or drink in their booths
. Packaged food for consumption outside of the festival is
allowable. There is no electricity provided for craft and business vendors.



PLEASE NOTE:  First choices will be honored as much as possible; however, there are no guarantees.  All booth locations are subject to change. To select more than one booth when total number of booths is 2 or more, enter as “number & number” in your choice. (i. e., 608 & 609 in 1st choice, 398 & 399 in 2nd choice, etc.).
Please note that construction is completed on the Katy City Hall. Work is now underway on some of the street projects and this has necessitated that we remove some booths. We encourage you to carefully review the 2017 RHF Vendor Map before selecting your booth location(s) for this year. We will notify our vendors that you have been accepted for the 2017 Katy Rice Harvest Festival and the booth series you are confirmed in. As an example if you want a booth on the north side of Second Street between Avenue B and Avenue C, for your first choice, indicate 300 series, if you want the same general location, indicate 350 series for your second choice, etc. Once the street construction is complete, we will assign the booth numbers for each vendor and send you the confirmation for the actual booth number. We do not anticipate confirmation of actual booth numbers until the end of September.
Click To view the Map: 2017 RHF MAP

Displays, signs, trailers, tables, chairs, and canopies MUST fit inside the space allotted (12’ x 12’ for craft/business and 15’ x 12’ for food).  If equipment is larger than booth space (including trailer tongues), additional booth space must be leased.  NO EXCEPTIONS


Vendors must provide their own equipment, tables, chairs, tents, and canopies.  No stakes may be driven into the asphalt, sidewalks or yards. 


All vendors are responsible for their own finances including small change issues. Local banks in the festival grounds will not be open for obtaining smaller currency. The chamber booth also will not provide any bill changing.


The sale or distribution of carbonated drinks, water, or alcoholic beverages by any vendor is prohibited. 


The sale or distribution of any live animal, reptile, etc. is strictly prohibited.


Electricity is available only for food vendors. 


Photographs and verification required for handmade craft vendors.  The Rice Harvest Festival Committee may require additional information from handmade craft vendors.


If multiple businesses will occupy the same booth, all businesses must be disclosed in the original application.  Failure to disclose any business will subject that business to removal from the Vendor Booth by the Rice Harvest Festival Committee.


The Katy Rice Harvest Festival is a family-oriented function that is aimed at presenting entertainment and activities suitable for the entire family, including minors.  Therefore, the Katy Rice Harvest Festival Committee reserves the right to restrict the artwork and crafts sold and displayed.  Such items must not contain nudity, profanity, obscenity, or otherwise objectionable material. 

No weapons, including without limitation, knives, brass knuckles, Chinese throwing stars, or other such materials, can be sold or displayed.  Should the Katy Rice Harvest Festival Committee, at its sole discretion, determine that a lessee’s items do not conform to the standards mentioned, lessee agrees to remove such items from the site immediately or the vendor will be removed.

The sale or distribution of carbonated drinks, water, or alcoholic beverages by any vendor is prohibited. 

The sale or distribution of any live animal, reptile, etc. is strictly prohibited.

Electricity is available only for food vendors.

If the Katy Rice Harvest Festival Committee, at its sole discretion, determines that any lessee fails to comply with ALL of the terms set out in this contract, said lessee will be asked to leave the Katy Rice Harvest Festival Area, and the booth will be removed.

This lease agreement shall not become effective until it is paid in full and is accepted by the Katy Rice Harvest Festival Committee and shall constitute the entire agreement between parties.  Full payment must be received and cleared for a booth to be assigned.  If a vendor’s check is returned or a credit card is not honored, the vendor’s booth will be forfeited immediately.  All confirmed food vendors will be notified of the exact food items they are permitted to sell by September 15, 2017.

Applications may be completed online and transmitted via

There will be NO REFUNDS for any reason, including rain or any other weather-related event.


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