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Monday, September 25, 2017

Rice Harvest Festival Entertainers


Rice Stage
Local Talent
Outdoor festival venue.
Seating is available.
  • Please fill out the Entertainment Application
  • Submit Photo for local publicity
  • Submit Brief Biography for local publicity
  • 1st Time RHF Performers must submit an Audition Demo
  • Performing Group not to exceed 20 participants
  • Performers must be registered and enter at Assigned Gate
  • Spectators, including parents and grandparents will be charged admission to watch performance
  • Children age 12 and younger are admitted free when accompanied by an adult
The Katy Rice Harvest Festival is a family-oriented function that is aimed at presenting entertainment and activities suitable for the entire family, including minors. Therefore, the Katy Rice Harvest Festival Committee reserves the right to restrict the type of entertainment selected. Should the Katy Rice Harvest Festival Committee, at its sole discretion, determine that an entertainer does not conform to the standards mentioned, entertainer agrees to leave the site immediately.
To apply click here
Rice Stage Entertainment Application
For additional information contact:
Brad Turney at

Interested parties may submit bios, photos, discs and related materials between June 1, 2016 and August 31, 2016.
Katy Stage
Professional Musical Artists
Outdoor festival venue.
Seating is available.
Submit a photo, bio, reference list
and CD to

The Brock Agency
PO Box 58865
Houston, TX 77258
For further information
Mark Taylor at



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Helpful Links


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